“Menstruation is no taboo; time we talk about it”, say TV actresses

Suddenly there is a much hype about the issue of sanitary napkins and periods, which has been considered a taboo in our society for long.
Be it the debate around making it tax-free to Bollywood making a film around the subject. Be it Sharib Hashmi’s Phullu or Akshay Kumar donning the role of ‘Pad Man’, the subject is now spoken in open.
Also with menstrual hygiene day being celebrated yesterday (28 May), the topic is much in news.
We talked to some of the TV actresses to know whether they are confident about talking such issues in public, and spreading awareness regarding the same. Here check out what your favourite celebs have to say:
Shrenu Parikh: I am very comfortable talking about it. I used to study in a co-ed school, and I remember boys used to make fun of it. I think educating both sexes is important and it is a natural process, why hide it.
Niti Taylor: I am not afraid of talking about such issues in public. I also buy my own pads.
Kishwer Merchant: Of course, I am very comfortable talking about it. Though I wasn’t very comfortable in childhood, because earlier it used to be considered as a taboo, but with time, situation has changed.
Hiba Nawab: I am not at all shy about it because it’s a natural process, and each and every girl has to go through it. It’s quite normal and I don’t think it should be considered as a taboo.
Ratan Rajput: I don’t consider it as a taboo but I also won’t scream about it in public. It’s a normal process but I won’t lecture about it in public or say that I can go without a pad.
Nikita Sharma: I think there shouldn’t be any shame talking about it. Every girl goes through it every month, and it is very healthy for our bodies. Awareness about it should be spread from the initial stage so that girls don’t feel awkward talking about it to their parents.
That’s quite a progressive thought women!!!


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